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A Boy and His Bible

He was twelve and a half years old that summer, growing up on the great plains of the midwest.

It was a Saturday morning, late August. His parents dropped off his younger siblings with his grandparents for the day while they drove to the county seat for groceries and shopping.

He wanted to stay home alone. He had read a tract about “Heaven Or Hell— Are They Real?” which made him wonder what the Bible was all about and who Jesus really was.

Finding a Bible, it opened in the gospel of Luke.

Riveted by the actions and words of Jesus, he read about the terrible times just before Jesus would return to earth. In chapter 21 and verse 36, he read, “Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.”

He knew he had to pray. So he went down to the huge barn, into a small room, tight and finished inside for mixing chicken or cattle feed on the polished wood floor.

Closing the door behind him, he knelt down on the floor and wondered, “What do you say to God?”

Then the words of the Lord’s Prayer which he had read earlier, came to mind.

As he spoke the words aloud, a fiery fuse was lit, “. . . forgive us our sins as we forgive others . . .” and there came an explosion of love within him, such as he could never have imagined, overflowing his mind and body. Flowing through and around him, it enveloped and surrounded him, filling the whole room with the powerful presence of a living and loving God.

He continued to kneel in awe and worshipful love of such a God who had just revealed Himself to him. Now he knew that God is real—far more than a fairy tale like Cinderella or Santa Claus.

God was so close and real, he just began to talk and walk with Him. He wanted to tell everyone. “God is real! You can know Him!”

For days and weeks afterward, he lived in the fullness of God’s love. Nothing could upset him—Jesus had become his constant companion, guide, and friend.

During his teen years and beyond, the Spirit of God continued to make the presence of Jesus an unseen reality as the words of the Bible were made to come alive.

He must find ways to tell people, “You can know God. You can know Jesus! He loves you and you can ask for Him to fill you with the same love for Him with which He loves you!”

So it began when he was just eleven, and has continued through good times and bad, rejoicing and grief, with many answered prayers and occasional miracles of instant healing.

Yes, I knew that boy quite well, for he is me, you see. Three quarters of a century later, my greatest desire is that you might come to know the love of this same Jesus as I have. That’s the why of this blog.

Welcome into the reality of this Jesus who came into the world as one of us to show us how much God loves and cares for us. He paid the penalty of our rebellion, sin and shame in His own body in suffering and death on the cross that all who call on His name may be forgiven, and justly so through the seal of His resurrection. Amen.


Who am I?

Briefly, I am a retired pastor who is working to “go into all the world” for Christ. This blog is one of those ways; we will suggest other ways you can also use.

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