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July 28th, 2015 at 9:30 pm

Is the USA a Christian nation?

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“Yes, it is,” and evidence is recited. “No, it is NOT,” say the Nays. So the discussion continues. “Yes, it was, at least in the beginning.” “No, it never was.”

What is your view? Both sides quote their choices of evidence. So who is right? Let’s consider, as follows.

Many of the earliest colonists along the northern coast came to America for freedom from religious persecution, though they were not necessarily in the majority. The southern colonists came largely for adventure and the opportunity to gain new wealth.

Without question, Christianity was the prevailing practice of the general populace. In the beginning, each colony followed the accepted practices of their own denomination, resulting in some initial persecution of those whose belief and practices were similar, yet different.

Over time, however, they generally agreed to allow individuals the freedom to follow their own convictions without the interference of government regulation, while setting the churches free of the original financial support and control of colonial government.

After roughly 150 years, with the thirteen original colonies prospering in the new land, King George III of England angered the colonists by laying increasingly heavy taxes on them in order to increase the income of his realm. At the same time the colonies were not allowed any representative vote in the British Parliament, which had passed the tax bills.

Great Britain tried punish the colonists for resisting the payment of the various tax laws laid on them in 1775, and the Revolutionary War was forced on the colonists.

In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was drawn up and signed by the “Founding Fathers” to explain the reasons for declaring themselves a new and separate nation.

So who were these men who dared to bring the colonies into conflict with the staggering might of the British Empire, the most powerful nation in the world?

We will try to take a closer look at them in our next post.





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